There's no truth to the rumor that Geno Smith was so bad at skee ball that he was replaced by Matt Simms. Now, seriously: The New York Jets weren't blown out Sunday by the Buffalo Bills because they spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon at a Dave & Buster's in a Buffalo suburb -- a team field trip that has garnered far too much attention. No, the Jets lost 37-14 because Smith was terrible, continuing a five-game regression that could blow up their playoff chances. The scary part for the Jets is they have no viable alternative at quarterback. Simms is too inexperienced, and David Garrard has been in moth balls too long, leaving them little choice: It's Geno or bust for the homestretch. That can't be too comforting for Rex Ryan, whose job could hinge on his rookie. "Just bad, man," Smith said after his second four-turnover game of the season. "The way I can sum this game up for myself is awful. I know I can play better. I know this isn't who I am or who I want to be." This was reminiscent of the Jets' Week 4 loss in Tennessee, in which Smith was rattled early, lost his composure and never recovered. He was positively skittish against blitz-minded Buffalo, throwing more passes to the Bills (three interceptions) than he did to any one of his own wide receivers. He was pulled early in the fourth quarter, when it was 34-7. In skee ball, you get 10 points for a bad roll. Against the Bills, Smith rolled a 10.1 -- his passer rating. It was the lowest rating by a Jets starter since Mark Sanchez's 8.3 in 2009, his five-interception rookie debacle against the Bills. Smith was every bit as bad in this game, serving up 17 points to the Bills with his turnovers. He completed only 8 of 23 passes for 103 yards on the same day fellow rookie EJ Manuel resembled Jim Kelly. Manuel produced a 121.9 rating, shredding a secondary that was supposed to be improved with the addition of safety Ed Reed. Smith's may have been the worst quarterback performance of the season -- anywhere. His QBR was 0.7 (on a scale of 100), the lowest for a quarterback in 2013, according to ESPN Stats & Information.