Dae’shon Kerley is an eight-year-old dynamo on the football field, who makes the rest of the kids look like fools. He’s fast and elusive just like his old man, but a trouble that lies beneath the surface won’t be ignored by his family anymore. The potential risks for children playing tackle football have prompted Dae’shon’s father to intervene. Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley is ending his son’s football career. “He has the most moves and the most skills,” Kerley told the Daily News. “So naturally they want to put the ball in his hands every play. So, he’s getting tackled a lot. But when you come home and your son says, ‘Dad, I got a headache a little bit.’ You’re like, ‘WTF. You’re too young to have headaches playing football. You’re done. Don’t worry about that.’” The father knows the terrors of playing such a savage sport. He’s only 5-9, 188 pounds himself, trying to survive in this vicious world. Kerley is currently serving a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancing substances, perhaps a tacit admission that he needs help to continue to play this dangerous collision sport.