There is a Twitter account out there called "Don't Read Comments." Every day it sends out a Tweet saying something to the effect of: Don't read the comments. It's in reference to the postings at the bottom of newspaper stories or on Internet fan boards or even on Twitter itself, where the public can go and vent about anything. That includes the sorry state of the local hockey team. "There's a lot of negativity surrounding our situation, and it's not like it's not due," Jets head coach Claude Noel said Sunday. "It's deserved. I don't think anybody enjoyed watching what we've been doing." The Jets, therefore, don't need to be reminded about just how terrible their three-game road trip last week to Quebec and Florida was. They gave up eight power-play goals and lost the three contests by a combined score of 18-9, so their plan is to look forward to Tuesday's home game against the Florida Panthers — and not back. "You probably don't read anything, that would be the first thing. Especially comments," Noel said. "The best thing to do is to try to support each other. When you're struggling like that it's a good test for your team character-wise. You just have to try to focus on moving ahead. That's something we've talked about for a couple of days." There is already a sense of urgency seeping into the dressing room, as the players are well aware that a losing streak of any kind during a 48-game season can do significant damage. "We need to win," goaltender Ondrej Pavelec said. "We can't lose a couple games in a row. It can be over pretty much in this short season." They were panicking in Florida last week in the midst of a five-game losing streak, but Winnipeg defenceman Toby Enstrom said there is no need to do the same in the Manitoba capital. "No, not at all. We had a rough road trip, and the season is up and down, but it's a short season and you gotta get it back on track as quick as possible," said Enstrom, who is riding a six-game point streak. "We got a game on Tuesday, and that's what we gotta focus on."