Mike Maccagnan surely knows the inevitable conclusion. A blend of ego and concern over his legacy has clouded his judgment. The Jets general manager unwittingly is holding back the player that he desperately wants to succeed the most. It’s time to end this charade once and for all. If Maccagnan truly wants what’s best for Christian Hackenberg, he must do the right thing by the young quarterback and release him. Nothing else makes sense for the player or the team. The Jets are a dead-end for Hackenberg, who deserves a chance to find a new home that will give him a puncher’s chance to get his career off the ground. Hackenberg will never play in a meaningful regular-season game for this staff. The Jets simply don’t believe that Maccagnan’s 2016 second-round pick is close to ready to help them. Perhaps Hackenberg, only the third quarterback drafted in the first two rounds of the Super Bowl era not to take a single snap in his first two seasons, will get an opportunity to contribute elsewhere. Frankly, he deserves it given everything he has poured into his job. “We have some good coaches on this team,” Maccagnan said about why the Jets are the best team to develop Hackenberg. “I think we have a good environment. I keep stressing: He’s only 22 years old…. He’s like every other player and going to develop at whatever pace he develops at. But I don’t think there’s any reason that we’re not a place for him to potentially be successful.” Maccagnan doesn’t have a duplicitous bone in his body, so there’s probably a part of him that actually believes this. Alas, it’s not reality for an organization that’s top priority this offseason will be finding a solution at the most important position in American team sports. They don’t believe Hackenberg, who didn’t sniff the field in back-to-back five-win seasons, will help toward that end, so what sense does it make keeping him around? Circumstances dictate that Hackenberg, who has been a true pro when lesser guys might have cracked, will be nothing more than a third-string signal caller for the third consecutive season for this team if he stuck around. The Jets are littered with roster holes that will be plugged in free agency and the draft. Phase Two of this rebuilding process will include an influx of new faces in the coming months. You don’t need to be Euclid to figure this out. If the Jets bring in 10 new potential contributors, then 10 guys eventually got to go. A third-string quarterback who’s been on ice for two years would figure to be on the chopping block. The Daily News reported Sunday that it’s a real possibility that Bryce Petty and Hackenberg will be roster casualties. The Daily News reported that because it’s true.