Kevin Cheveldayoff finds himself directly in the crosshairs and his ability to fill in the blanks could ultimately determine his future with the Winnipeg Jets.

On a day that saw lead investigator Reid Schar of Jenner & Block LLP disclose the findings of the investigation in a public briefing on Tuesday, the general manager of the Winnipeg Jets was mentioned among the Chicago Blackhawks employees who attended a meeting where allegations of sexual assault involving former coach Brad Aldrich were brought forth in 2010.

Cheveldayoff, who was the Blackhawks' assistant general manager at the time, was among the 139 individuals interviewed for the report and his response to those findings came in the form of a statement released by the Jets on Tuesday night.

Given the nature of the lawsuit and the horrific details of the alleged sexual assaults, it’s no wonder Cheveldayoff has chosen to tread lightly.