The former coaches and teammates packed into the pub on Theresa Avenue, right along the West End of St. Louis where Sheldon Richardson is from. That’s what they’ll say now, Jason Dulick, an assistant coach at Richardson’s high school, realized as a horde of strangers at the bar erupted when the No. 13 pick of the NFL Draft was announced on Thursday. This is Sheldon’s town, just like it was John Clay’s back in 1987, the last time a Public High League kid made it into the NFL. As the highlight reels and video of the commissioner’s handshake shown across the flat screen TVs, Dulick and fellow assistant Shaun Pollard watched the mammoth 6-2, 294-pound defensive tackle that was molded through four seasons at Gateway Technical High School. They thought about the kid who reminded them of Keyshawn Johnson when he said to just give him the damn ball. The one who, despite the frame of a future defensive tackle, played tight end, wide receiver, running back, quarterback, fullback and defensive end on the sandy, pock-marked fields he chose not to leave for a county school, where exposure and conditions were more favorable. They thought about how they came up with his on-field nickname: "Boss Hog."