Yankee captain Derek Jeter was as determined as he was defiant today, insisting he’d not only be back this season, but just as mobile as he was before suffering a small crack in his surgically-repaired ankle. “It’s been a difficult process, it’s been a frustrating process,’’ Jeter admitted, adding he didn’t have any doubt about a 2013 return. “No. No doubt. When you have doubt, that’s when you’re in trouble.’’ Jeter was diagnosed with a small crack in his left ankle last week, and GM Brian Cashman had repeatedly said the captain would be out until after the all-star break. “The doctor obviously got him back in the boot, and we’ll see him sometime after the all-star break. We’ve just got to give the bone a chance to heal a bit,’’ said Cashman. “I feel bad for Derek obviously. We’d love to have Derek as soon as possible. And I know that’s what he’d like, too. “But again, you can’t (rush it); it’ll be ready when he’s ready. It takes time for bones to heal. It was obviously something that was unexpected, a surprise to him and to us, but its an inexact science. Sometimes you just have to adjust along the way, and his body told us there was an adjustment necessary.’’ Jeter, who had originally set a goal of returning by Opening Day, declined to set a timeline for his return. “I’m not giving a timeline. The last timeline I (gave) I didn’t make. I don’t want disappoint myself or anyone else,’’ said Jeter. “As soon as I can physically play, I’ll play. I don’t know when that is.’’