Another hitless day knocked Derek Jeter’s spring training average down to .132, and he has just one extra-base hit in 41 plate appearances this spring. So though the fans at Champion Field in Lake Buena Vista repeatedly gave the retiring shortstop standing ovations throughout the Yankees’ 7-0 win over the Braves on Wednesday, he hasn’t done much to earn the adulation lately. Despite all that, Jeter insists he isn’t concerned — mostly because his twice-fractured left ankle is no longer a concern. “I haven’t worried about that for a while,” Jeter said before the bus ride. “I haven’t worried since I got here.” That’s a far cry from last spring, when it was all he could think about. “If you’re comparing the two years, it’s completely different,” Jeter said. “Just walking around last year was a struggle. This year, I haven’t thought about it at all.” And he doesn’t expect that to change. “It hasn’t even crossed my mind since I’ve been down here,” Jeter said. “I really don’t think about it anymore.