Derek Jeter didn’t have much trouble answering questions during his lengthy press conference Wednesday, but when the Captain was asked what he would like his legacy to be after he’s finished playing, he paused. “I’m not gone yet, so it’s kind of hard to answer that question,” Jeter said. “You try to play hard, you try to have respect for your team, your teammates, your opponents, fans, reporters — everyone that you come in contact with in your job. You want to be remembered as someone that played hard. “But for me, I’ve always said it time and time again, the most sacred thing, the thing that means the most to me is to be remembered as a Yankee. That’s what I’ve always wanted to be is to be a Yankee. And I have to thank the Steinbrenner family that’s here today, and our late owner, The Boss, because they gave me the opportunity to pretty much live my dream my entire life, and the great thing about being a Yankee is you’re always a Yankee, so in that sense it never ends. So being a Yankee is good enough for me.”