Jesse Puljujärvi’s time with the Oilers is likely to soon draw to a close. It might happen as soon as this weekend, maybe even a little before. Puljujärvi’s rights have been owned by the Oilers since he was drafted fourth overall in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

It’s been quite the six years.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find the fanbase split into two factions. When JP’s name comes up, the Oilers are either moving a player that’s underperformed - or they’re giving up on a player that’s giving more than just what the boxcars say. I’ve been pretty adamant about how the Oilers are giving up a player that’s far exceeded his meagre cap hit, and that I think this player could turn into a star on a team that understands basic math. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Jesse Puljujärvi is the most polarizing player that I can remember since at least Benoit Pouliot. I don’t remember Pouliot catching so many lame reasons about why he couldn’t play on the top line from his detractors, folks just didn’t like Pouliot and some folks really didn’t like the idea that magical numbers were helping shape some fans’ perception of Pouliot.

I can understand people not liking a certain player.

People would be wrong not to like Jesse Puljujärvi, but people are wrong every day of the week. Just say that you don’t like the player. I don’t like eggs, but millions of people do. You don’t hear me making up stories about why I don’t like eggs, I just told you I didn’t like them. Likewise, folks don’t have to make up some poorly cobbled together story about how he doesn’t want to be an Oiler, or how he’s not good because he doesn’t play on the penalty kill, or how he’s demanding to play a certain spot in the lineup. Stop being lazy. You’re better than that. Just say you don’t like the player. While I think you’re crazy, I know you’re not just making things up.