Jerry Sandusky lost a significant battle Wednesday in his bid to free himself from jail and clear his name of the ignominy of being listed as one of America's most notorious pedophiles. Jefferson County Judge John Foradora closed a two-year appeal process with a clinical 60-page ruling that - in its entirety - firmly slammed the door on Sandusky's latest bid for a new trial. It is not necessarily the last word, however. Sandusky's appeals attorney Alexander Lindsay vowed to appeal Foradora's decision to the state's Superior Court at his earliest convenience. The ruling came after a lengthy process that included six days of testimony as Lindsay sought to examine legal issues and probe nearly every lingering question Sandusky's small band of allies have asked about the case. Prosecutors, current and former, hailed the decision. "Hopefully, today's decision will allow the victims of Mr. Sandusky to live their lives knowing that this serial sexual abuser will remain behind bars," Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. "We will continue to fight to defend the jury's verdict. I have zero tolerance for the sexual abuse of children, and our office will pursue anyone who preys on children wherever we find them."