San Francisco 49ers legend Jerry Rice thinks the team is in good hands with Trey Lance at quarterback.

"I think he's ready to go," Rice told KSBW. "I think he's incredible because he has that one aspect that Jimmy (Garoppolo) doesn't have, and that's the threat of running with the ball and stuff like that. His mobility. His strong arm. This guy is before his time. He's a young kid, but he's very experienced, and I think he's ready to go."

Garoppolo has been the 49ers' main passer over the last four seasons, but San Francisco's expected to move on from him this year and give the starting role to Lance, who it drafted third overall in 2021.

The 49ers' quarterback situation has been a topic of debate. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana said in February he doesn't think Lance's ready yet, adding his former team should keep Garoppolo.