Jerry Jones expressed disappointment in the way the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff chances ended Sunday, with a 21-12 dud of a loss to a banged-up Seattle Seahawks team. But the owner of America’s Team essentially had a simple message to fans: Don’t worry! Jones is an eternal optimist and he sees nothing but good things coming his organization’s way. “I’m extremely excited about our future,” Jones said. In other words, no need to worry about why the Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs. This team isn’t far from being back in contention for a Super Bowl in Jones’ mind even though the championship drought drags into Year 23. Jason Garrett is the right coach. Don’t worry about him reaching the postseason just twice in seven full years. Don’t worry about the Cowboys failing to win four games they led at halftime. Don’t worry about a blowout loss to a Denver Broncos team that’s eyeing a top-10 pick, or losing home games to the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers despite scoring 30 points.