Whether the Cowboys make the playoffs or not, owner Jerry Jones likes their future. Jones, of course, is an eternal optimist, but his reasons are valid. Dak Prescott is 24. Ezekiel Elliott is 22. Travis Frederick is 26. Zack Martin is 27. Tyron Smith is 27. La'el Collins is 24. DeMarcus Lawrence is 25. The Cowboys have some young talent to build around. Jones also knows as well as anyone that there are no guarantees. He has said on multiple occasions that he never expected to go decades between championships, with the Cowboys’ last title coming in 1995. “I look at what we’ve got on our fundamental strength, which is our offensive line,” Jones said on DFW’s 105.3 The Fan. “I like very much what our future looks like with Dak, with Zeke. Certainly I think our receiving corps is getting much more acclimated with and all of this look great. And certainly on defense I think we have improved the last two years. We have really improved with players who are at junctures in their careers, career development that are going to have us a better defense. So, I like what we look at. I just want to look at now. I want to look at this week. Let’s have some good things happen that is in our control, and that is in the ball game and then maybe we can get a little help.”