There haven't been many details shared this offseason since the Cowboys have suggested that the offense will become more Dak Prescott-friendly in 2018. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones revealed the most Saturday afternoon from the NFL scouting combine. "I think it's an offense that lets him be unpredictable," Jones said. "It gives him the best way to be hard for the defense in the sense of game planning for him. I'd certainly love for him to be able to hurt them from the pocket, we'd love for him to be able to hurt them on the run - and to run. "We're not necessarily interested in increasing the number of runs. I think we've got a lot more options as far as how to get him on the run in the passing game, and giving him a better pocket and having better blocking. You might say protection, but the way to get that done is to be imaginative in the running game. "Some of the college stuff needs to be thought about here. That's a big part of the conversation that's going on [among the staff]." The last part is clearly the most interesting because Prescott ran a spread offense in college. That style is quickly becoming more and more a part of the NFL game.