One of the biggest topics in the NFL heading into training camp, and justifiably so, is vaccination against COVID-19. The raging pandemic nearly derailed the 2020 season before it ever got underway and again at several points throughout, and both the league and NFLPlayers Association would like to see teams achieve a rate of at least 85 percent vaccination before this year's festivities kick off. The Dallas Cowboys have been recently named as one team currently below the threshold, but owner Jerry Jones isn't concerned one bit.

Speaking from the opening press conference from training camp in Oxnard, California, Jones gave an exact number of how many players are and are not either vaccinated or on their way to being it.

"From the standpoint of the players -- what I call in the pipeline [have been vaccinated or are waiting for one or waiting for the second shot, etc.] -- we have just a handful of players who have yet to [do so]," said a confident Jones. "...And a handful means five."

So there you have it. With the release of cornerback Rashard Robinson ahead of camp, the team has 89 players and only five or fewer are not in the "pipeline" of vaccination, and Jones went on to note the Cowboys would see that unvaccinated number reduce greatly -- if not to zero -- over the next week or so.