Until the Commissioner has a new contract, the possibility that he won’t get a new contract will linger. And that will cause some to believe that the efforts of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to derail the Roger Goodell extension are working. So far, they’re not. Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the group of owners currently advocating for change sits at four or five, and maybe six. It’s believed that Washington owner Daniel Snyder is among those who support what Jones has been trying to do. Some have interpreted reports of a 17-owner conference call from 12 days ago as proof that Jones is well on his way to the 24 owners necessary to scrap the Goodell extension and, in turn, to end the tenure of only the second Commissioner since the completion of the 30-year reign of Pete Rozelle. As the source explained it, however, that conference call was convened to discuss the lingering negotiating points in the Goodell extension (specifically, terms and amounts of incentives), and it unexpectedly became a platform for Jones to continue his broader push against Goodell. Some emerged from the conference call believing they’d been lured to participate under false pretenses.