The owner of the Dallas Cowboys soon will experience frontier justice, Big Shield style. On Monday, Jerry Jones will testify under oath before Commissioner Roger Goodell in a proceeding aimed at determining whether and to what extent Jones and the Cowboys owe the NFL and its member clubs reimbursement for legal fees incurred in connection with his threatened litigation over Goodell’s new contract and running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s actual litigation over his six-game suspension. Speaking with reporters who cover the Cowboys on Saturday, Jones expressed an idealistic — and arguably delusional — view of what the process will entail. “A hearing before the Commissioner is like a courtroom,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “You separate the wheat from the chaff, and you get right into the facts as they are, and I welcome that. “Looking forward to my time with him regarding both the issues of how we were involved or not involved in the Ezekiel Elliott issue as well as the issue of what we did or didn’t do relative to his contract negotiation. Those will be the subject areas, but the key thing is it’s really factual . . . you . . . address the facts. I know he wants to know that, and I want him to know what the facts are.” That would be great, if the facts matter. But they don’t matter.