What he says publicly and what he thinks privately are separate realities, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims to not have buyer’s remorse over making Dak Prescott the richest player in franchise history.

In fact, during a recent radio interview, Jones strongly endorsed Prescott as his quarterback of the future, believing the $160 million man is capable of leading Dallas to — and winning — a Super Bowl.

“Ben Franklin had a rule when he was down and low down and had to have setbacks, he took all the positives on the left side of the page and listed them, and all the negatives on the right,” Jones said Friday, January 21 on 105.3 The Fan, via Jori Epstein of USA Today. “If the left side was longer than the right, he walked out with a spark in his step and a smile. If the right side was longer, then he drank all day, let’s say. My point is, and I’m not trying to be any sort of way, I start right there with a big circle and a big plus.

“He has shown every time he’s ever gotten in a position, he’s shown he’s a winner in football. He has shown that every time he’s ever had a chance to. As you well know, especially at that point, it’s hard to pinpoint ‘the’ skill that makes it happen. It’s hard to pinpoint that. But Dak Prescott has the skill to make it happen. We’ve got skilled players. (Ezekiel) Elliott has the skills to make it happen. We’ve got the offensive line talent to make it happen. We’ve just got to get it right and going in the same direction.”