Minnesota Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson got flagged for taunting against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he couldn’t understand what he did wrong and said the official that called the penalty on him created a bigger infraction. Simpson accused that official of saying some things to him and other players “that I really didn’t like.” Despite being asked about it several times and saying he wanted to continue the interview after a Vikings official tried to end it, Simpson declined to go into details. He did, however, say that it wasn’t racist. “I ain’t going to go into it. It wasn’t racist though,” Simpson said. “There was some questionable things that the ref said to a couple of our players. I won’t go into that. It was kind of some stuff, controversial things that he said to our players about that. I don’t want to get into it. It wasn’t good what he said, but I’ll just leave it at that and I’ll let him live.” Simpson was called for taunting in the fourth quarter after a run by Matt Asiata that lost 2 yards. Replays showed Simpson patting Eagles CB Bradley Fletcher on the butt and the two talked and smile before Fletcher pushed Simpson over. “That right there, I can’t understand. I was tapping the guy on the butt and telling him good job and he was smiling and then he pushed me and I fell and they huddled there. The refs huddled there for a minute and they called it on me. They said I was taunting. I really don’t know how that was called on me.” Simpson seemed more conflicted about what the official allegedly said to him and other players than the penalty. “The guys on the right side, back right side, what he said, I didn’t like it, but I’m going to let him live on it. Everybody, what he said, it ain’t right what he said,” Simpson said. Simpson said it was the back judge, who was Billy Smith. Simpson didn’t get the number for the official and said he was going to track the official down after the game to talk to him about his comments, but the officials had already gone to the locker room quickly after game that featured several taunting and unsportsmanlike penalties. Television replays don’t show which official threw the flag, but field judge Buddy Horton did most of the explaining as the officials huddled before the infraction was announced so Simpson was likely mistaken that it was the back judge. Horton was the field judge.