Stephen Curry drew a crowd two tables to Jeremy Evans’ right. On the Jazz forward’s left flank, a hoard of reporters surrounded Gerald Green, the Pacers forward who, like Evans, is best known for his dunking. But with the world’s media on hand to talk to the best shooters, passers, dunkers and overall basketball players, Evans sat politely and waited — sometimes for lengthy, awkward periods of time — for questions. One that came: "Music-wise, Jeremy, who are you listening to right now?" Answer: "I try to listen to a lot of gospel." Quirky interactions aside, on the eve of the Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend, its defending champion basked in relative anonymity. Past champions have declined to return for a second go at the contest, but not Evans. However, with a stirring group of participants that includes dunking specialist James White and Green, the 2007 winner, Evans was asked if he has gotten the respect due a defending champion.