The words "free agency" had barely left a reporter's mouth before Jered Weaver shot back. "I don't give a . . ." Weaver said. "You can quote me on that." Actually, you can't, at least not in a family newspaper. Weaver wanted no part of any of the questions — whether he enjoyed a winter without the hassles of free agency, whether he had any second thoughts about his decision to pass up free agency, whether he might have thought differently had he known the Dodgers would emerge from bankruptcy as baseball's biggest ATM. Weaver would have been a free agent last winter had he not signed a five-year, $85-million extension with the Angels in 2011. He did so against the advice of his agent, Scott Boras, who warned him he would leave millions on the table. But Weaver, who grew up in Simi Valley and attended Long Beach State, wanted to stay home. "How much more do you need?" he said when he signed the extension. "Could have got more, whatever. Who cares?"