Today is Valentine's Day. For many, this is a day to acknowledge relationships and show love to whoever it is that you want to show love to. Then there are those couples that might exactly be showing or receiving the love on a day like today. One of the more interesting relationships that I have been keeping my eye on this offseason is the one between Packers and Greg Jennings which seems iffy-at-best at this point, at least in terms of having a productive future. This usually leaves many fans split about that particular player that is flirting with the option of leaving so many fans' view of Jennings are likely to change as well. Yesterday, Jennings took on the media, again, making an appearance on "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network. He discussed the possibilities of his future location, which is listed on his Twitter as "in question," among other things. He has already put his DePere (WI) home up for sale, which is a good indicator that wherever Jennings decides to go, he will he prepared for the move.