Earlier today, we discussed the Miami Marlins' inability to acquire players as a result of their distrust of owner Jeffrey Loria. But as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald mentioned in the same article, the bigger problem may lie in Loria's well-known meddlesome nature. Loria's meddling in personnel decisions is widely known, but it's even worse than perceived. Besides suggesting or dictating free agent signings and players to trade, Loria has instructed his front office to demote several players. "Everyone knows he does it," the player said of Loria demoting players. "It makes it hard to play. Every time you come into the clubhouse after a bad outing, you're thinking, 'Oh, [bleep]! Is Loria going to send me down because he's [angry] tonight, just because Loria's in an [expletive] mood?' "So all these guys, with the exception of Giancarlo [Stanton], walk around on eggshells." This also comes as no surprise to Marlins fans, but we are finally hearing something from the perspective of the Marlins players. Previously, we just assumed Loria was heavy-handed in his team involvement, with a few public spats as proof. But if these player accounts are to be believed, then Loria's meddling is indeed challenging not only the patience of the fans, but the performance and well-being of the players as well.