One of the biggest jokes of the NFL season also happened to provide one of the best moments of the NFL season. In this year's Pro Bowl, former Colts Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday are both representing their current teams, the Broncos and the Packers, respectively. Saturday, an integral part of the Colts' dominance of the 2000's and a close friend of Manning, had announced previously this week on an Indianapolis radio station that he would retire following the Pro Bowl , which he had been named to despite being benched near the end of the season this year. Despite being from different conferences, Jeff Saturday still got in one last snap to Peyton Manning. In the coolest Pro Bowl moment I have witnessed, Saturday came over to the AFC side for one play. The blue jersey was in the middle of an offensive line filled with white ones, and the play was just a simple handoff. But seeing Manning and Saturday, on opposing teams tonight, have one last play together was special. After the play the two exchanged a brief hug and Manning gave Saturday the game ball before the longtime Colts' center jogged off the field. That's what the Pro Bowl should be about, as NBC's Chris Collinsworth noted on the broadcast. It was a cool moment and one last exchange between one of the best quarterback/center duos in NFL history.