2000 National League MVP Jeff Kent is speaking out against Baseball Hall of Fame voting after he failed to make it to Cooperstown in his 10th and final year on the writer's ballot.

"The voting over the years has been too much of a head-scratching embarrassment," Kent told the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday, after the Baseball Writers' Association of America voted Scott Rolen into the Hall of Fame Class of 2023. 

Kent —  who is considered one of the greatest power-hitting second basemen in the league's history — received 181 votes and garnered 46.5% of the votes, short of the 75% required for induction.

"Baseball is losing a couple generations of great players that were the best in their era because a couple non-voting stat folks keep comparing those players to players already voted in from generations past and are influencing the votes," Kent added. "It's unfair to the best players in their own era and those already voted in, in my opinion."