Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek is planning to increase rookie point guard Frank Ntilikina's minutes, but explained his rationale on Monday as to why he will not just throw the 19-year-old in immediately with the starters. "Sometimes it's who meshes well with what group," he said. "Frank is meshing well with our second group, Jarrett (Jack)'s meshing well with the first group. We see times when they do mesh with other group and it's not so comfortable. It's Frank's continued work. He's learning the teams in this league, the guys in this league, he's going to get better as the season goes on." Ntilikina will probably start at some point, though. The rookie is averaging 21 minutes per game but played 28 minutes in Saturday's win over the Pelicans and 32 minutes against the Spurs on Thursday, in which he recorded a career-high 11 assists. Hornacek said that in order to get him 30-plus minutes they may not have a choice but to start him.