Coach Quin Snyder seems to be getting a little tired of answering questions about playing Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors at the same time, even if he says, “I’m not going to get tired of answering these questions because they’re legitimate." Snyder has been asked variations of the question about his two big men several times over the past week since Gobert came back from his leg injury that sidelined him for 11 games over three weeks. Sometimes the Jazz coach will even interrupt the questioner as soon as Favors' or Gobert’s name is brought up and go on a long discourse about re-integrating the two players. “We need to be a good team no matter who’s on the floor, and those guys are going to play together differently than if Joe Johnson’s at the 4 or Fave’s at the 5 because those players have different strengths,” Snyder said. “When you play with two big guys, like any team in the league we have to try to maximize what those guys can do, and what means is the spacing’s different and the other guys have to adjust to that and get better.” Snyder said both the coaches and players need to adapt to playing with Gobert and Favors at the 5 in different situations. “It’s nuanced and we need to figure those things out on the court,” said Snyder, who gave an example about passing into the post.