There was quite the spirited entertaining conversation on Twitter yesterday on whether or not it would be better off for Trey Burke to start this year or come off the bench. Many pros and cons and theories were thrown out and it was interesting to read people’s opinions. I think after the past 2 1/2 years this team has had of trying to be just “good enough” to make the playoffs it is imperative that Trey Burke start this year. The Jazz are now in the business of developing talent and hopefully home grown future all-stars. In order for this to happen they cannot hold back the talent they have compiled. They have to been on the court together going through on the job training and team chemistry development. The Jazz traded up for Trey Burke because they wanted him to be a key component of this. I understand that there can be value from playing behind a veteran and learning. John Stockton had that opportunity to learn from an all-star in Ricky Green. The difference with this team is there is no Ricky Green. The things that Trey can learn from John Lucas III can be done with John Lucas in a bench role. Trey is the more talented player and Lucas can help build his confidence up when he is down and be a mentor and a teacher without getting in the way. Ian Clark was a nice addition to the roster in the fact that he is a young and hungry player that will push Trey to always be at his best in practice and in games. Trey Burke is a competitor and a winner. There is going to be an adjustment period for Trey to the speed and strength of NBA basketball. This will lead to some frustrating times for the young player and we may even see reactions that might be perceived as whining. Now raise your hand if you’ve never seen Kobe Bryant LeBron James Deron Williams Chris Paul etc whine about something? Yeah I didn’t think so. What separates these competitors from other players however is once they’ve thrown their fit they turn that energy into fuel as motivation to get better. Trey Burke will take his lumps this year but we will see progress throughout the year and next offseason he will be even more highly motivated than he already is to get better knowing what he needs to work on. This is the beauty of on the job training for young players in the NBA.