On Monday afternoon, a large-scale sporting event was at the heart of a tragic and heartbreaking event, two bombs exploding near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The bombings killed at least three people and injured more than 170 in an act described by President Obama as “terrorism.” Nationals Manager Davey Johnson watched CNN from the visiting manager’s office with a concerned look across his face. Many of the Nationals players sat at their lockers or in the couches in the center of the clubhouse, their eyes transfixed on the TV. Security was beefed up across many major cities in the country, including Washington and New York, where the Nationals play the Mets this weekend at Citi Field. Jayson Werth said it’s “a scary thought” that someone would target a sporting event with thousands of spectators. “Since 9/11, our culture has definitely been altered,” he said. “It’s why our soldiers are off in foreign lands fighting, taking the fight to them. So that’s good in a sense, but you always in the back of your mind, if people want to do something bad to a lot of people, you look at where a lot of people come to one place. You’ve got sporting events, concerts, crowded cities. They went after crowded cities and national monuments once, so we’re definitely on the dartboard, so to speak.” Added Johnson: “It’s just a terrible tragedy and it kind of brings things into perspective. It’s the world we live in, that’s the tough part. But as far as that we’ve got to go out and perform and do our job and not be too upset by this turn of events.”