Jayson Tatum is having a terrific 2022-23 NBA season, leading the Boston Celtics to the top of the Eastern Conference standings while posting interesting numbers that place him among the best players in the association. 

A couple of weeks ago, he was the clear leader in the 2023 MVP rankings until Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets took over, with the Joker stealing that top spot from Tatum. Still, the Boston Celtics star keeps thriving this campaign and showing why he's one of the future faces of the league. 

Amid his remarkable season, Tatum has received big news, and just like some of his peers like Ja Morant, he's set to premiere his first signature shoe. Tatum, unlike Ja, is part of the Jordan Brand, while the Memphis Grizzlies star is signed with Nike. Still, they both are about to have signature shoes, with Ja already premiering his.