Is it too soon to start talking NBA MVP? I don't think so. We're basically a quarter of the way into the season. It's still early, but it's not that early. We know, for instance, that the Cleveland Cavaliers made a dynamite decision in pushing all in for Donovan Mitchell. We've seen enough to confidently say that. If you believe Mitchell has been the early season MVP, I won't argue with you. I agreed with you a week ago. 

Reasonable minds could also argue for Luka Doncic, the league's leading scorer, or Stephen Curry, who has probably been the best player so far this season. But the Warriors are under .500. A month from now, as Golden State narrows its rotation and at least stops bleeding bench points at a catastrophic rate, Curry would be my pick to be in the MVP lead. 

Ja Morant deserves some noise.