When Lonzo Ball takes the floor at the Golden One Center in Sacramento on Friday night, his UCLA Bruins (No. 3) set to face Kent State (No. 14) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the NBA world will be watching the 19-year-old point guard as they have for so long now. Yet it’s who they won’t be watching – or listening to, rather – that might surprise you: the boastful father of the possible No. 1 pick in the June draft, LaVar Ball. For all the recent focus on LaVar and his one-man media tour – the endless string of interviews full of cocky claims and premature promises, coupled with insults at everyone from Stephen Curry to Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan – the consensus among front office executives who discussed the matter with USA TODAY Sports this week was that his draft stock won’t be harmed by his father’s controversial style. As one general manager put it, and many other executives confirmed in various forms when consulted on the matter, “No one’s paying attention to Ball’s father.” Because league rules prohibit teams from discussing prospects until they have committed to enter the draft, the executives spoke on the condition of anonymity.