It would be disrespectful to suggest that Mark De Rosa is a Blue Jay just to provide the road map for Brett Lawrie to find his way through the emotional ups and downs of being a young guy in a complicated sport. At 37, he still has something to offer on the field as a 25th-man who can deliver when his moment comes. Yet it’s not a coincidence that De Rosa, a smart, funny, eloquent, understanding veteran who wears his enthusiasm for life on his sleeve, is lockered right next to the tightly-wound young Blue Jays star. They are also fellow third basemen who have already started to build a bond as they go through the drudgery of all the grunt work that goes into spring training. “Out on the field we’re doing everything together and it’s obvious he’s just an ultimate team guy,” Lawrie said. “He’s got a great sense of humour and you can tell he’s just that kind of guy who will be there for me and everybody else in the room. “You can’t help but like the guy.” De Rosa is already a fan of Lawrie’s talent and his gung-ho attitude, perhaps recognizing a bit of himself in the hard-wired 23-year-old Lawrie. “All I heard was what a talent (Lawrie) is and what an intense guy he is and it’s all obvious to see, even in the short time I’ve been around him,” De Rosa said. “Honestly, I can’t wait to see him in games. “I’ll do whatever I can do to help him. I’ll be a sounding board. If I think he needs advice, I’ll give it with respect. I know he wants what we all want and that’s to be successful. He has every quality to make that happen.”