Infuriated by the latest review challenge to go against his Toronto Blue Jays, Jose Bautista blasted baseball’s replay system as a “joke” incapable of getting calls on the field right that needs to be eliminated. The all-star slugger reached his tipping point in the eighth inning of Saturday’s 5-1 loss to the Oakland Athletics, when he doubled and Melky Cabrera was called out at home on a close play by umpire Bill Miller. Cabrera immediately signalled safe and demanded that manager John Gibbons use his challenge, which he did. After a review of about 2:30, the play on the field stood meaning replays were inconclusive, even though there was one shot which seemed to show catcher Derek Norris clearly missing Cabrera’s back with a swipe tag. Bautista, standing at second at the time, immediately waved his arms in frustration, and later ranted in the Blue Jays dugout. Cabrera’s run would have made it a 3-2 game with a runner at second for Adam Lind, but it wasn’t to be. After the game, Bautista was waiting for reporters in the Blue Jays clubhouse and unloaded.