Javy Baéz has been, largely, a disappointment for the disappointing Detroit Tigers. The stats are pretty irrefutable and the general vibe has been lacking since he donned the Olde English D over his electric frame. But, and this is going to be some extremely unscientific analysis here, the man is the consummate entertainer and makes it easy for fans to love him.

Baez just ripped a two-run home run in the series finale agains the Chicago White Sox. Then he told heckling, jeering fans that he'd gotten all of it. He stood, as he's done all weekend, like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, delighting in the sadness and hate emanating on the South Side and asking if the angry masses is they are entertained.

Baez collected a hit and an RBI on Thursday night and two hits and two RBIs on Friday night. After each knock, he basked in the boos and asked the Guaranteed Rate masses to bring it on. Because he can handle it. More specifically, because he thrives on it.