As if it already was not already clear, the way veteran players look at the Miami Marlins franchise is now quite obvious. At the very least, very few view the Marlins as a competitive team, let alone a contender. Last week, former Marlins starting pitcher Javier Vazquez was being scouted in his home town in Puerto Rico. Vazquez was signed by the Marlins in 2011, and had success. The veteran right-hander went 13-11 with a 3.69 ERA while pitching slightly more than 192 innings. Several teams have expressed interest in Vazquez, who is 36 and making a comeback. Teams that are looking for starting pitching depth, including but not limited to the Boston Red Sox and Washington Nationals, were among the teams that attended the bullpen session. The Marlins, though, weren't present. Though he did not directly say it, the way Vazquez sees the Marlins franchise is obvious. Vazquez made two things clear. He said that he would like to join a contender, and that he will not join the Miami Marlins in 2013. Therefore Vazquez doesn't view Miami as a legitimate contender, and he should not. Miami, like many teams often do, is going through the "rebuilding" phase. Adding depth via minor signings or trades and through the draft are keys to establishing a winning franchise. And that is exactly what the Marlins are now trying to do.