The Red Sox need to find a replacement for bullpen coach and catching instructor Gary Tuck. It won't be Jason Varitek. The former captain and catcher is content with his current post as a special assistant and is not ready to dive back into the eight-month, daily grind of a baseball season so soon after his playing days, according to a source familiar with Varitek's thinking. Tuck, who retired Tuesday for personal reasons, inspired almost a cult following among catchers for his instruction methods the past few years. Considering the Red Sox will likely try to combine catching instruction duties with the bullpen coaching job, two leading internal suspects to replace Tuck are Chad Epperson and Rich Gedman. Epperson has served as the club's roving catching instructor the last two seasons and was a manager in the lower minors for the ballclub from 2004-09. Gedman, the former big league catcher with the Red Sox, was just named the hitting coach for Double-A Portland. Surgery for Kalish The Red Sox announced that outfielder Ryan Kalish had successful right shoulder surgery yesterday. He underwent an arthroscopy and his posterior labrum was repaired by Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles. Kalish is expected to make a full recovery, but his rehab will likely take months, meaning a significant contribution before the middle of the summer is unlikely. The club still does not know how Kalish hurt his shoulder, only his symptoms of pain and discomfort progressed recently. Last winter, Kalish underwent surgery on his other, non-throwing shoulder.