All Jason Terry knows is that he wants the same looks tonight. The Celtics guard was victimized by a rare cold snap during the Celtics' 95-94 overtime loss to the Sixers last night, and shot 1-for-12, including misses on his last five shots, on mostly open looks. But in a rare scheduling twist, the teams play again tonight in the Garden. "Oh man, looks. If this game was only about looks, then it was all night tonight," said Terry. "We got every look we wanted. I always look at myself first, and if I made even one shot, that's the difference in the ballgame. Being the competitor that I am, I can almost bet on myself. I will bet on myself tomorrow. If I get those same looks, they're going down." Asked if he replays his misses, Terry nodded. "In my mind, visually yes, I was looking at my shots. You replay them," he said. "That's the nature of the beast. I've had shooting nights like this before, and I always bounce back. The best thing about this is that we play them again in less than 24 hours. I can almost guarantee you they're not going to change the way they play, and neither will we. I'll watch the film, see what was the problem. I can almost guarantee that I can make those."