Jason Terry has made it a personal goal, as leader of the bench, to make sure that the Celtics reserves outscore the opposition's backups. So here's another aspect of the Celtics' slow 1-2 start to the season — the bench has been outscored in all three games by an average score of 43.6-28.6. The guard stands by his training camp vow. "Oh, that's frustrating, but again I take that squarely on my shoulders," Terry said after yesterday's practice. "This is a new week, and hopefully we can get three straight games of outscoring their bench. That's the goal." Said coach Doc Rivers of the bench: "They have to become a team. Just because guys are together doesn't mean they play well together right away. It's going to take time. The bench is nowhere near where they need to be, or where they will be. That's not a concern. That's being realistic. We knew that coming in here." And the Celtics are far from alone in their early troubles.