I'll level with people a bit; it's part of my job to discuss the various trade rumors out there regarding the Baltimore Orioles. Whether any of them have any sea legs underneath them is another story, but the fact is that the rumors are out there. The latest one involves Arizona Diamondbacks' outfielder Jason Kubel. The O's were hot on him earlier in the off season, however at the time they felt that Arizona's asking price was too high. As time has gone on, apparently the asking price for Kubel has come down. The rumor now is that Arizona will look to trade either Kubel or Justin Upton by the end of this week. On one hand, Kubel hit a career-high 30 home runs last year. On the other hand, he struck out a career-high 151 times as well, and is only a .268 career hitter. He comes across as a version of Mark Reynolds, albeit perhaps a bit less streaky. The Orioles would probably have to give up a player in order to get Kubel, as I suspect a prospect wouldn't do the job. Might Wilson Betemit be included in a potential deal? Anything's possible I suppose, however I would caution Dan Duquette for one reason regarding Wilson Betemit: versatility. Betemit can play in the outfield if need be, and he can also play either first or third base. If Chris Davis struggles at first like he did out of the shoot last year, Betemit might be a guy that could start to get some reps at first base. If Betemit's in Arizona, that wouldn't be possible. Who knows if Betemit's even on the table in a potential trade, however I'm just speculating that perhaps a veteran such as him (and maybe a low level prospect) might get the job done. I also think that someone like Betemit would make sense to send because the Orioles currently have a pretty crowded outfield. Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, Nate McLouth, and Betemit (who can also play infield)…add in Jason Kubel without removing one of those guys and you might really have a logjam.