Everybody in the NBA community knows that Luka Doncic is very competitive. Even though he's almost always smiling and joking around, the Slovenian point guard takes the game very seriously, and not only when it comes to complaining to the referees. Luka is always paying attention to the things said about him in the league, just to get extra motivated. 

His head coach knows that and he recently revealed that after hearing what an NBA legend said about him, Luka hit the gym to get in the best shape ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season. 

Jason Kidd recently appeared on All the Smoke, talking about a variety of topics. Being the coach of a player with GOAT potential, of course, he had to talk about Doncic, and Kidd admitted that Luka is constantly hearing critics not to feel bad, but to prove them wrong. 

Kidd talked about the time Reggie Miller criticized Luka's physique, which the Slovenian took personally and decided to prove the sharpshooter wrong. Doncic started working out and got in better shape, and this offseason hasn't been the exception.