It’s been a very good 10 days or so for Jarvis Landry. The Miami Dolphins leading receiver has been practicing hard, which is common, but his attention to detail on the field, his honing of his technique, and route running, and his note-taking in meetings has been so good that coaches are privately elated. They’re hopeful this improvement in Landry doing the little things might lead to, you know, big things. Like on the field -- where everyone can see the fruits of Landry’s clandestine labor. That’s good because the Dolphins need their best wide receiver to keep catching passes at a team record-breaking pace. And they need Landry to improve on a curious statistic that’s keeping him and perhaps the offense from doing the kind of damage everyone expected when the season began. That troublesome stat is Landry’s 7.7 yards per catch average. It’s anemic for any wide receiver. For an elite receiver it is, well, not elite.