To say Jarrod Parker had a rough April is a little like saying a turkey had a rough November. To say Jarrod Parker is having a great August well… That’s just the truth. As we speak Parker’s six innings deep against the Orioles another team scratching for a playoff spot. In a hitter’s park he’s allowed one run a solitary solo shot in the third inning. Through August he’s three and O with a complete game to his credit. He’s allowed four (!) walks and struck out 26. His ERA is 2.15. Jarrod Parker is doing that rarest of things for young pitchers. He’s getting better as the season goes on. He’s pitching deeper into games. He’s throwing harder 95 and 96 in the 7th and 8th inning. At pitches 46 to 60 batters are hitting .202 against him. That’s ridiculous. More ridiculous? At pitches 61-75? The batting average is a cool .100. Think about that. As the game goes on he gets stronger. Nastier. Tougher to hit. And more than that he’s pitching smarter. The Parker who rattled in April and May is gone replaced by this cheek-bulging hitter’s nightmare. With Colon on the DL Milone scuffling and Griffin so deep inside his own head it’s a wonder we don’t just hang a “Gone Fishin’” sign from the end of his nose more and more Jarrod Parker is stepping into the role of stopper the guy the A’s count on to stop the bleeding. Right now A’s nation is agog over Sonny Gray. And that’s great. He’s a good young pitcher who’s made a couple of quality starts.