The biggest decision the Avalanche has right now is whom to select with the first pick in the NHL draft June 30. Assuming the Avs don't trade the pick, that is. But the Avs have another serious question to ponder over the next month: Should they buy out the remainder of David Jones' contract? First, the rules: Under the NHL's new collective bargaining agreement, teams are allowed up to two "compliance buyouts" by 2014 to better adjust to the league's lowered salary cap limit starting this coming season ($70.2 million to $64.3 million). Teams have been able to buy out players for years, but they still had to take the cap hit on the player — though it was spread out over twice the remaining years left on the contract. With the cap limit going down, teams can buy out up to two players without any hit to their cap number — though they'll still have to pay one-third or two-thirds of the remaining salary in one lump payment, depending on the player's age. Because Jones is older than 26, the Avs would need to write him an $8 million check to be rid of him. Jones has three years left on his deal, at $4 million per. With the $4 million hit to the cap eliminated, the Avs could use that freed-up money to make an offer on a free-agent right winger. If that were to happen, how about the next hypothetical question: Should the Avs make an offer to Jarome Iginla to replace Jones? Iginla, like Jones, is a right winger. His season with Pittsburgh has come to an end and he can be unrestricted in July. Iginla has seen his best days as a player, no doubt, but he's only 35. Iginla was ripped by many in the media for his performance in the Eastern Conference finals against Boston (zero points in four games). Fair enough. But Sidney Crosby had zero points too. The Penguins scored only two goals in four games. It wasn't all Iggy's fault. Besides, Iginla's overall playoff statistics were good: four goals and 12 points in 15 games. Any team would take that. Those are not the stats of a washed-up player.