His “C” is gone left behind in Calgary with his old Flames sweater. Jarome Iginla will begin the upcoming NHL season as just another player — albeit one with Hall of Fame credentials slated for the Bruins’ top line. That could yield problems for a team less confident in its leadership. But that is not the way of the Bruins who have been led by Zdeno Chara since his arrival in Boston along with Patrice Bergeron. That leaves Iginla 36 without the pressure to be a leader on a team he has just joined. And that’s fine with him. “I plan on just being myself” Iginla said. “I definitely don’t come in thinking that they need any leadership help or anything. They’re a very strong crew and have had a lot of success together been together a long time know each other well. I want to come in and be myself.” That’s not to say that Iginla will sit back. “I don’t want to be just a fly on the wall’’ he said. “I want to be part of it. But I think the biggest thing is just play hard and compete.” He’s more than happy to do that especially on a team that might finally give him a Stanley Cup. When asked about team leadership earlier in the week Bergeron sounded confident about Iginla’s ability to fit in to help and be a part of things to not upset a fine balance the Bruins have established. Bergeron believes that Iginla has spoken to former Bruin (and former Flame) Andrew Ference about the atmosphere in the locker room and about the way it works in Boston. “I think he knows we do have a good core and guys are actually all pulling in the same direction” Bergeron said. “I think he’s coming in to be a guy that helps us and doesn’t try to change everything.