Perhaps the only sense of normalcy in Jared Sullinger’s life right now is basketball one reason the Celtics’ workout facility in Waltham has become something of a refuge for the second-year forward. Though Sullinger may still be prosecuted for domestic abuse stemming from a Sept. 3 incident involving his longtime girlfriend the Celtics have no intention of distancing themselves according to Danny Ainge. “He’s a good Celtic and he’s a guy we have big hopes for” the Celtics president of basketball operations said before yesterday’s annual charity golf tournament at Wollaston Golf Club. “He hasn’t done anything that we think is so wrong he shouldn’t be part of our team today.” Though the girlfriend who has moved to Ohio reportedly does not want to pursue charges the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office may forge ahead. “The outcome is looking good but we can’t talk about that” said Ainge. “It hasn’t reached a conclusion. Jared has been in training camp every day working out. He’s taking care of everything in the exact right way that he should and I think Jared is a good kid. This was a distraction but I don’t think it will be a distraction now because he knows the story and some day you guys will but because of the legal proceedings it can’t be publicized. He can’t talk about it. “But I think he’s comfortable with what he needs to work on and who he needs to apologize to going forward.” Invisible man Though former Net Gerald Wallace part of the trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn is expected to report on time for camp he hasn’t been quick to contact his new team. “I’m anxious to meet Gerald” said Ainge. “I’ve met him before when I was doing television but I haven’t had much conversation with him. He’s really the only one (I haven’t talked to). I’ll meet him next week watch him closely and we’ll sit down. I’ve obviously watched him play a lot of basketball. Gerald got a good contract in Charlotte. He was their best player when they went to the playoffs. That led to a big payday for him. He was traded for two first-round picks to Portland. He did very well in Portland to the point where New Jersey wanted to give away Damian Lillard in order to get him. New Jersey wanted him bad enough to pay him a very lucrative contract. “It seemed that everywhere he’s been he’s been well-liked and well-compensated. He’s a great player. It wasn’t a great fit for him in (Brooklyn) last year but we’ll try to see if it’s a better fit for us.” As for not having talked to Wallace yet? “It’s a nightmare trying to get hold of players in the summertime” Ainge said. “It was the same way when I was a player. I didn’t want to talk to anybody.”