Competing emotions have come at quarterback Jared Goff like an all-out blitz from every angle — sadness, confusion, frustration, hope, elation and gratitude — and his head is still spinning, a few days after the Rams traded him to the Detroit Lions.

The deal that ended his time in Los Angeles surprised Goff, and the reality is only starting to sink in.

“Ultimately, they wanted to go in a different direction,” Goff, part of a blockbuster quarterback swap that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams, said Tuesday. “As the quarterback, as the guy that’s at arguably the most important position on the field, if you’re in a place that you’re not wanted and they want to move on from you, the feeling’s mutual.

“You don’t want to be in the wrong place. It became increasingly clear that was the case. [The trade] is something that I’m hopeful is going to be so good for my career.”

In a half-hour phone interview with The Times, Goff said he learned of the trade immediately after it happened Saturday night, two weeks after the Rams were eliminated from the NFL playoffs in the divisional round by the Green Bay Packers.