Astros first base prospect Japhet Amador did not report to Astros camp so that he can tend to his pregnant wife who has fallen ill, his agent, Oscar Suarez, told the Chronicle on Friday. “I don’t know what it is exactly, but he’s worried that he could lose her,” Suarez said. “She’s having a lot of difficulties. She’s been in the hospital, I don’t know how long now. The bottom line is he would love to be there, but he says, ‘I’m not leaving my wife’s side,’ and he says that, ‘If worse comes to worse, I can play in Mexico and have her next to me.’” This child is the couple’s first, Suarez said. Suarez said he suggested to Amador that he bring his wife, whom Amador married in December, to the United States for medical treatment. “He said Oscar, ‘I’m not taking my wife to the United States, not right now,” Suarez said. “It’s not that he wants to go to another ball club or anything like that. He’s happy with Houston, he’s happy with Bo (manager Bo Porter), he’s happy with Jeff (Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow). They’ve treated him with nothing but class. “When a kid’s not coming to major league camp, it must be really really serious,” Suarez continued. “You make the big league squad, you’re making the minimum. You wouldn’t even come close to making …. $500,000 (in Mexico).” Suarez said he hopes the door remains open, and Luhnow indicated it would. “I hope to God he can get through it and down the road Jeff can come get back and get him,” Suarez said. Said Luhnow: “I don’t know how long it’s going to take and what the outcome’s going to be. But I empathize with him and totally support him. Whatever decision he makes… we’ll have those conversations as his situation unfolds.” Luhnow said the rights would be returned to the Mexico League team Amador previously played for, the Red Diablos, if that’s what Amador wanted. A baseball source said that the Astros have not yet paid the total sum of Amador’s contract purchase price. Luhnow and Roberto Monsur, the Mexico City Red Devils’ president, have a strong working relationship, Suarez said. “That next step has yet to be determined,” Luhnow said. “I’m hopeful that the situation works out and he gets to play this year.” Luhnow said he first heard about the illness a few days before he told reporters Amador had a family emergency. The Astros signed Amador last season. Asked if Amador was additionally inclined to stay in Mexico because he was comfortable there, Suarez was firm that was not the case. Amador, 6-4, was acquired by the Astros last August and weighed 330 pounds.