Jamie Benn signed his new five-year contract extension for $26.25 million on Friday, and there was much joy in the Stars' kingdom. However, there still is one sticking point to getting the young center back on the ice. Benn is a resident of Canada and must apply for a work visa to work in the United States. Because he was not allowed to apply for the work visa until he had a signed contract, the application for that visa was not submitted until Friday. Because the government offices are not open on the weekend, the work visa still has not been granted. The Stars are confident the paperwork will get done in Vermont, but the Stars need a cleared work visa before they can put Benn on the roster, so there will be a little tension on Monday. The team has made the office aware of the importance of the paperwork, but Benn does have to be on the roster by 5 p.m. eastern (4 p.m. central) to play on Monday per NHL rules. Just to add to the suspense, Benn had 3 goals and 2 assists in four games against Columbus last season, so this is a team he plays well against.